Noah's Ark Christian Preschool

Part of Castle Hill Baptist Church


23rd May 2019

Term Dates 2018-2019

Term Begins – 8th January
Half Term – 18th February – 22nd February
End of Term – Friday 12th April

Staff Training Day – CLOSED – 29th April
Term Begins – 30th April
6th May – Bank Holiday
Half Term – 27th May – 31st May
End of Term – Tuesday 16th July

Term Dates 2019-2020

Term Begins – Tuesday 3rd September
New Starters – Week Beginning 9th September
Half Term – 28th October – 1st November
Staff Training Day – CLOSED – Monday 4th November
End of Term – Friday 20th December

Term Begins – 6th January
Half Term – 17th – 21st February
End of Term – 3rd April

Staff Training Day – CLOSED – 20th April
Term Begins – 21st April
Half Term – 25th – 29th May
End of Term – 10th July

Dates for your Diary

Monday 3rd June – Visit the Library- 10.30am
Thursday 6th June – Wellie Walk for Myton Hopsice
Thursday 13th June – Prayer session with Kath Burke
Tuesday 9th July – Prayer session with Kath Burke
Tuesday 16th July – Leavers’ Service 9.30am @ Castle Hill Baptist Church

This week . . .

This week the children were encouraged to make up their own games with a variety of large and small pieces of equipment. Some of the games they came up with were:
– making obstacle courses
– using tubes as telescopes
– using the equipment to reach up high in the trees.
It was lovely to see the children work as teams too.
In Mathematics the children have been matching numbers as well as writing numbers. We have encouraged the children to use the words; ‘First, last, second, third’ etc and use the terms ‘more’ and ‘less’ i.e. “I have got more than you”, “I have less than you”, “I have one more than you”.
In Literacy the children have been listening to stories and talking about the major characters helping each other, and we then asked the children how they help or have helped others.
We have had Tempest Photography here taking the Leaver’s Photo and Leone from Warwick University undertaking her studies. So a very busy week!

Topic after half term - 'Stop, Look and Listen'

The topic after half term will be based on ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ so when you are out and about, in the garden or even inside, take a moment to ‘stop’, ‘look around you’ – what do you see?, and ‘Listen’ – what sounds, noises can you hear?
We will be taking the children to Warwick Library on Monday 3rd June and we will need helpers to walk there and back. We shall be leaving Noah’s Ark around 10.30 am and would be back before 12pm. Please let Claire know if you can help.
We also have the Wellie Walk taking place on the Thursday that week (6th June), so again if you can help walk the children round the park that would be great. We shall meet you there at 9.15am.
Please let Claire know if you can help.

Sunny Weather

With the sunny weather approaching it is important to remember the following when your child is coming to preschool
– Please apply sun screen before your child arrives. If you would like to leave a bottle of sun screen for your child to use, then make sure your child’s name is on the bottle. The children will be expected to apply their own sun screen.
– Please make sure your child is NOT wearing string vest tops / dresses and also very short shorts. It would be best to keep your child’s shoulders covered.
– Please make sure your child has a hat to wear. If they do not have one we have a few spares but find that children like to wear their own.

Noah's Ark Facebook page!

In case you didn’t know, Noah’s Ark has a facebook page.  Just  go to ‘’ to find us and ‘like’! It will keep you up to date and include photos from all our weekly topics and any other events that will be happening.  NO photographs of the children will ever be included.

General Notices

Please remember that we use the garden in all weathers and dress your child accordingly. It’s great to bring wellies to change into for outdoor play but wellies aren’t great for indoor wear.

Unfortunately we do not have the storage facilities for buggies, please can we ask that you do not leave them here.

If you are bringing in treats to share on your children’s birthday. These will be left in a bowl in the hatch for children to take when they leave.

May we remind parents that we do not allow use of mobile phones on the premises, this is common safeguarding practice.

Payments made by cheque to Noah’s Ark should be made payable to ‘Noah’s Ark Christian Preschool’.

Nametags order forms

If you would like to purchase some Nametag stickers, which are not just to be stuck on your child’s clothing but can also be stuck on drink bottles, lunch boxes and shoes, we have plenty of order forms for you to take away.  If you were to include our school reference of 12551,  we get a little commission too.