Noah's Ark Christian Preschool

Part of Castle Hill Baptist Church


22nd June 2017

Term Dates 2016-2017

 SUMMER TERM  24th April Term Begins
HALF TERM          29th May – 2nd June
END OF TERM     Tuesday 18th July

Term Dates 2017 - 2018

AUTUMN TERM    Wednesday 6th September Term Begins
HALF TERM            23rd October – 27th October
Staff Training Day – Monday 30th October (Noah’s Ark Closed)
END OF TERM        Friday 22nd December
SPRING TERM        8th January Term Begins
HALF TERM             19th February – 23rd February
END OF TERM        Wednesday 28th of  March
Staff Training Day -  Thursday 29th March (Noah’s Ark Closed)
SUMMER TERM    16th April Term Begins
HALF TERM              28th May – 1st June
END OF TERM         Tuesday 17th July

Dates for your Diary

26th June – Trip to Ryton Pools

18th July – Leaver’s Service and last day of term with Rev’d Peter Burns 9.30am @ Noah’s Ark, Gerrard Street Hall

Changes from September 2017

In order to ensure financial sustainability we will no longer accept nursery funding for the Early Bird sessions.  These will be charged at £8.

Unfortunately we will also remove the Friday afternoon sessions and will therefore be finishing at 1pm on a Friday.

Parents who have been affected by these changes have already been notified.

Ryton Pools Trip - Monday 26th June

Please remember to bring the exact change for the car park which is £3.50.  There is also a cafe there, should you wish to purchase some refreshments.

What to Wear:

Certainly clothes you don’t mind getting muddy, but also consider; a light anorak, trainers/strong shoes/wellies, lightweight trousers (to protect against brambles and nettles), sun cream, sun hat and insect repellent.


9:30 Meet at Ryton Pool Visitor centre

10:00-12:00 Wild Woods activity with the Park Ranger.  Enjoy fun in the woods.  The children will take part in mud painting, making homes for woodland animals, following trails, digging for treasure, den building, mud kitchen, sensory and art activities.

12:00 Picnic Lunch

How to get there:

Ryton Pools Country Park

Woodlands, Ryton Rd,

Bubbenhall, CV8 3BH


Contact on the day:

Noah’s Ark Preschool Mobile:


Please bring in your used stamps!

In conjunction with other local Nurseries/Preschools such as Warwick Nursery, Westgate, Coten End, we are all collecting used stamps in order to raise money for a Guinea Pig sanctuary in the Channel Islands.  This was Warwick Nursery’s choice as each nursery gets a turn in choosing a charity.

30 Hours Update

Parents’ applications for 30 Hours places are now open . . . . .

You can now start to apply online to HMRC’s new digital childcare service via the following link:

Once you have received your validity code to show that you are entitled to a 30 Hours place, you will need to bring it here to Noah’s Ark where you will then be given another form to complete which we will then forward to Warwick County Council.

Please remember that decisions about whether parents are eligible or not are made by HMRC, not by the Council or Early Years providers – so parents need to contact HMRC if they have any queries.

Activities to do @ home

Activities to practice at home include:

  • opening yoghurt pots, packets and any other items your child has in their lunch boxes
  • putting their shoes and socks on and off – this is necessary as the children take off their shoes and socks before going into the sand pit.  Also, when purchasing new shoes please make sure your child is able to put them on without your assistance.
  • as well as coats and jackets to also include cardigans.

This week we have been den building, so why not have a go at making one at home?  Either under a table or a sheet over two chairs outside?

Practice counting with your children and help them remember to start from 1.


'W' Sitting

Please note that we at Noah’s Ark discourage this seating position because it is bad for hip and knee joints.  Also when seated in this position children are not engaging their core muscles which are needed for balance and strength.

Image result for w sitting

Sunny Weather

With the weather starting to get sunnier, please remember to bring in a sunhat and make sure your child has already had sun cream applied.  Children can bring named sun cream in their bags, however we would appreciate it if you can explain to them that they should not share this with their friends.  Ideally children should be taught to apply sun cream independently.  Staff can help the children to reapply but only on the bottoms of legs and arms, therefore your child should be dressed appropriately.  We ask that children wear sensible clothing and do not wear spaghetti strapped tops or short shorts.

General Notices

Please remember that we use the garden in all weathers and dress your child accordingly. It’s great to bring wellies to change into for outdoor play but wellies aren’t great for indoor wear.

We have some children with severe nut allergies, please can we remind you not to include peanuts in your child’s packed lunch box.

Unfortunately we do not have the storage facilities for buggies, please can we ask that you do not leave them here.

If you are bringing in treats to share on your children’s birthday. These will be left in a bowl in the hatch for children to take when they leave.

May we remind parents that we do not allow use of mobile phones on the premises, this is common safeguarding practice.

Payments made by cheque to Noah’s Ark should be made payable to ‘Noah’s Ark Christian Preschool’.

Nametags order forms

If you would like to purchase some Nametag stickers, which are not just to be stuck on your child’s clothing but can also be stuck on drink bottles, lunch boxes and shoes, we have plenty of order forms for you to take away.  If you were to include our school reference then we get a little commission too.

Attendance Records

Please do not forget that we keep close records of attendance.  This includes late arrivals and departures.  These records will be kept in your child’s learning journal and will be forwarded to their future schools.

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