24th January 2022

Term Dates 2021-22

Term Begins – Wednesday 5th January
Half Term
21st February – 25th February
End of Term – Thursday 7th April

Term Begins – 25th April Bank Holiday – 2nd May
Half Term
30th May – 3rd June
End of Term – Thursday 14th July

Topic – Shapes

This week it’s all about shapes. The children will be creating vehicles such as helicopters and rockets out of various shapes. Counting bricks and choosing the correct numeral. Drawing around shapes using a variety of resources, such as crayons, chalk and markers. Children will also have the chance to discuss different shapes, including 3D shapes.

Carry this on at home – ask your child what various shapes are as you go on walks or when you are playing with your child at home.

Snow Days!

We are now in the season where we could expect to see snow. Should we wake up in the mornings to see a heavy snow fall, please check our website to see if we are open. Generally, if the local schools are closed, then we will be too. If we are open, but you do not want to drive/walk in, then this is fine, just please let us know.

Should heavy snow start to fall during the day, you are more than welcome to call in to say you want to pick up your child/children sooner.

My Nametags

In order to reduce lost property / clothing or items ending up in the wrong bag, we would highly recommend using ‘My Nametags’, and not only that, but ‘My Nametags’ will give Noah’s Ark 24% of each order. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go online
  • Find Noah’s Ark – our id is 12551
  • Follow the simple steps on their website to create your labels from thousands of possible design options. When you are happy with your choice, you should proceed to the checkout where you will be asked to enter our school id (12551).
  • My Nametags will then pay 24% of each order back to us and you will be able to stick your child’s name on pretty much anything!

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Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. There will be daily posts, so a great way of knowing what the children are up to.