22nd November 2021

Term Dates 2021-22

Term Begins – Monday 6th September
Half Term
25th October – 29th October
End of Term – Thursday 16th December

Term Begins – Wednesday 5th January
Half Term
21st February – 25th February
End of Term – Thursday 7th April

Term Begins – 25th April Bank Holiday – 2nd May
Half Term
30th May – 3rd June
End of Term – Thursday 14th July

Topic – The Kitchen

This week the children will doing lots of activities related to ‘The Kitchen’. The role-play area will be set up as a kitchen for the children to ‘cook’ in, they will have a go at writing shopping lists, and using plastic utensils to cut up play-dough.

On Wednesday the children will be making a strawberry mousse (yum!)

On the craft tables, the children can have a go at cutting out food pictures from magazines and creating collages.

In Math, the children will be encouraged to play a hot / cold game, have a go at counting pasta and ordering the sizes of plates.

Key Worker Meetings – Week beginning 29th November and 6th December

Don’t forget that we have Key Worker meetings over the next two weeks. If you would like to discuss your child’s progress, please book a time slot with your Key Worker. Sign up sheets can be found in the hall near the children’s coats.

Important Covid-19 Reminder

We have recently received an email from the local government regarding symptoms and testing:

Any child showing one or more of the symptoms of COVID-19 must be sent home from the setting. Parents should be advised to get the child PCR tested and if positive the child must remain at home and complete the isolation period.
If parents choose not to get the child PCR tested the child must remain at home and isolate for 10 days from the onset of symptoms.  After the isolation period the child can return to the setting if well enough.  
Symptoms: new continuous cough, high temperature or loss/change in sense of taste/smell
Be alert for any of the less common symptoms of COVID-19 – sore throat, headache, fatigue, muscle aches, and advise parents to get the child PCR tested, particularly if you have COVID-19 cases in the setting.

Rainy Days

Just to remind you that we let the children go outside in all types of weather. As it is now getting colder and wetter, can we please ask that you bring in wellies for your child to change into. That way they can splash around outside and not worry about shoes getting wet. Also, make sure your child is wearing a water-proof coat/jacket.

Also, we are still keeping the hall ventilated by having doors and windows open, therefore, we would suggest that your child comes in wearing plenty of layers!

My Nametags

In order to reduce lost property / clothing or items ending up in the wrong bag, we would highly recommend using ‘My Nametags’, and not only that, but ‘My Nametags’ will give Noah’s Ark 24% of each order. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go online
  • Find Noah’s Ark – our id is 12551
  • Follow the simple steps on their website to create your labels from thousands of possible design options. When you are happy with your choice, you should proceed to the checkout where you will be asked to enter our school id (12551).
  • My Nametags will then pay 24% of each order back to us and you will be able to stick your child’s name on pretty much anything!

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