19th October 2020

Term Dates 2020-21

Term Begins – Wednesday 2nd September
Half Term
26th October – 30th October
End of Term – Thursday 17th December

Term Begins – Tuesday 5th January
Half Term
15th February – 19th February
End of Term – Thursday 1st April

Term Begins – Monday 19th April
Half Term
31st May – 4th June
End of Term – Thursday 8th July

Topic – Bears

This week the children are doing lots of activities with the theme ‘Bears’. Activities include; listening to stories relating to ‘Bears’; colouring bear pictures, counting bears and activities linked to ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’.

Activities you can do at home include; reading the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears (maybe make some of your own porridge?!); count objects and sort them into groups – colours, shape and size.

Woodloes Primary School – Open Day for Reception 2021 Children

Woodloes Primary School have an open day on Friday 6th November – 6-7pm.

There will be a presentation by their Head Teacher, followed by a tour of the school. You will be able to meet the current Reception teachers and ask any questions.

Only one parent is to attend and no children. Social distancing measures will be in place and masks should be worn.

Lunch Boxes

Please could you make sure that children are able to open as many items as possible themselves in their lunch boxes. If you could pre-open some packages for them (crisps) it would make things easier for staff, as they are having to wash their hands before and after each time they help a child.

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